TV & Entertainment have taken a turn for the worst since it began many years ago. Many people do not keep up with what their children are watching and are using TV & Entertainment as a sort of babysitter for their children. This is not healthy or a good idea. Many children are watching programming that is not good for them to see especially at young and impressionable ages. It is important for parents to take control of the remote and limit how much and what their children are watching. 

When TV & Entertainment first began it was filled with programing that taught morals and decency. Shows like Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith filled the screen with warm and happy thoughts of real family values. In previous years the families only had to deal with a little mischief here and there from their children. The fear of pedophiles, kidnappers, or robbers were not a big worry for the folks back then. 

Children are now playing video games that are filled with violence and nudity. Some children are not able to differentiate between pretend and reality. Some have actually attempted to act out what they have seen on their video games, on TV & Entertainment programming, or in movies. It is the parents responsibility to let their children know what is and is not reality. We will probably never return to the days of purity and morality only being shown on television so we have to make adjustments for the well-being of the future generations.

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