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elizabeth-olsenCelebrities have their own hairstylists and makeup artists to improve their looks. Makeup tricks and corrections make celebrities more attractive. Their hair is always styled and their skin always looks flawless. You may not have makeup artists or hairstylists at your beck and call, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the looks of celebrities. Here are 6 really simple celebrity looks that you can copy.

#1 Elegant Bun
Selena Gomez’s elegant bun can be achieved by brushing your hair into a high ponytail using a paddle brush. Pull your ponytail through a hair donut in order for it to sit on top of your head, then spread your locks around. Tuck your hair around and underneath the hair donut. Use bobby pins to secure your hair and top it off with an anti-frizz spray to keep it in place.

#2 Radiant Skin
It’s possible to achieve Miranda Kerr’s radiant skin. Use a light-reflecting foundation for the base, then apply a highlighter stick on your nose, cupid’s bow, cheekbones and brow bone. Apply a peachy pink gloss on your lips and finish your look with individual lashes.

#3 Half up, Half down
If you want to copy Kendall Jenner’s cool half-up ‘do, just apply a thickening hair gel around the crown of your head then grab the hair from your crown and twist it into a high bun. Secure the bun with a tie and spritz some texturing spray on the remaining locks.

#4 Smoky Eyes
To achieve Elizabeth Olsen’s rose-colored smoky eyes, apply a burnt copper shade across your eyelids. Use a shimmery brown liner to define your lids, then use your fingers to blend the different shades. Apply a black coat, then pump up your lash volume with some mascara. After that, dust your cheeks with a bronze blush and finish off with a matte, peachy brown lipstick.

#5 Get a Smooth Chignon
Use a rat-tail comb to make a deep side part. Start from the arch of one eyebrow, then apply a styling cream to your hair. Brush your hair back to your nape. Gather up your hair and twist it firmly at the base of your head in order for it to naturally coil into a chignon. Tuck the twist and use bobby pins to secure it. For extra shine, spritz some dry, finishing spray on your hair.

#6 Sultry Lips
If you want to try Gigi Hadid’s sultry lips, use a mauve-tinted brown pencil to line your lip. Apply a liquid lipstick in the same color. To balance the color, apply shimmery champagne shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. Finish it off by applying a luminous bronzer on your jawline, cheekbones and temple.

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Written by Kaki West

kaki-west-0959bAs a follower of my blog, you might already know that I love Tea Tree Oil. I use it as my miracle pimple cure, but there are many other reasons to purchase and keep this product in your medicine cabinet. Here are two unique reasons to buy tea tree oil.

Get rid of toenail fungus. Do you suffer from toenail fungus? Then you know that this problem is hard to treat. But the good news is that tea tree oil has been shown to get rid of this nasty problem. Simply dilute the oil with water to avoid irritating your skin, and use it daily for at least three months.

Calm cold sores. Cold sores can be embarrassing and even painful. To reduce the appearance of them, consider applying tea tree oil to the area up to four times a day. Make sure you don’t accidently drink tea tree oil or get it in your mouth because it’s toxic.

There are many other reasons to use tea tree oil that might apply to your skin or a particular skin problem you’re facing today. Visit my blog for more beauty secrets or to see the latest Kaki West images.

Kaki West is a model, actress, and television host. See the latest Kaki West pics.

As much as we may not want to admit it, we all know that celebrities set certain tones for the rest of the world. We see this with trends all the time. An actress gets a haircut and thousands of women follow. An actor claims he does a certain workout and men are quick to adapt it. So now that celebrities have adapted sunless tanning equipment it’s nice to know a truly beneficial trend is on the way.

The problem with excessive tanning is that we now know it can cause skin cancer later on down the road. Unfortunately, by the time it strikes, most people already have decades of experience making the problem worse.

But up until recently, most people seemed happy simply shrugging off the threat of skin cancer. However, now that celebrities demand it and companies like Artesian Tan and others are able to supply it, you can expend that more and more, spray tan will become the standard.

And this is a really good thing. Because it means we’ll all have younger looking skin longer, healthier skin forever and less chance of death from cancer.

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Stay Out of Tanning Beds

It used to be all the rave to get your skin as dark as possible by spending long hours out in the sun. For many it was a way of showing that you were wealthy enough that you could simply lay by the pool all day while everyone else worked inside. Whatever the reason, people wanted to get as bronze as possible, so the tanning bed industry was born.

Unfortunately, we now know, beyond a doubt, that tanning beds can be extremely dangerous. While they’ll certainly turn your skin brown, the question is at what price?

The answer is alarming. Years spent under the scorching sun or sandwiched inside a tanning bed will catch up to you in more ways than one. First, there are a number of studies that prove that all that sun will lead to premature aging. So while you look pretty now, you’ll look ten years older than you really are in about three.

Of course, the real scare is that you’ll contract skin cancer. All that sun has also been shown to bring on that terrible disease.

The good news is you don’t have to lay out under the sun anymore if you want to look great. You can purchase airbrush tanning kits and have a friend or family member apply it to you whenever you like. Sunless tanning equipment  is affordable when compared to all the money you spend on beds and far healthier too.