Stay Out of Tanning Beds

It used to be all the rave to get your skin as dark as possible by spending long hours out in the sun. For many it was a way of showing that you were wealthy enough that you could simply lay by the pool all day while everyone else worked inside. Whatever the reason, people wanted to get as bronze as possible, so the tanning bed industry was born.

Unfortunately, we now know, beyond a doubt, that tanning beds can be extremely dangerous. While they’ll certainly turn your skin brown, the question is at what price?

The answer is alarming. Years spent under the scorching sun or sandwiched inside a tanning bed will catch up to you in more ways than one. First, there are a number of studies that prove that all that sun will lead to premature aging. So while you look pretty now, you’ll look ten years older than you really are in about three.

Of course, the real scare is that you’ll contract skin cancer. All that sun has also been shown to bring on that terrible disease.

The good news is you don’t have to lay out under the sun anymore if you want to look great. You can purchase airbrush tanning kits and have a friend or family member apply it to you whenever you like. Sunless tanning equipment  is affordable when compared to all the money you spend on beds and far healthier too.

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