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Luis Suarez handball in the last second of game against Ghana proves heroic and results in Uruguay winning.

The soccer World Cup match was tied 1-1 and went into 30 minute overtime. In the last minutes of the overtime, Ghana made a shot towards the goal of Uruguay, which was blocked once by the defenders and bounced back to Ghana for 2nd shot, blocked again and bounce back for header by Ghana player and this time Luis Suarez if Uruguay saved the ball from going in by his hands. It was an obvious break of the rules and he immediately got a red card and got ejected.

Ghana was awarded a penalty kicked in the last few seconds of the game and incredibly they missed and hit the post bar on top. The game ended up tied and went into penalty shoot outs where Uruguay ended up winning 4-2.

You might say that Ghana should have won and this save was not fair. However, in my opinion Ghana messed up. If they were really the better team, then they should have made that penalty shot or won in penalty kick outs.

Luis Suarez who is one of the best players on the Uruguay team will unfortunately miss the next game against Netherlands in the semi-finals due to the red card. “It was worth it to be sent off in this way. It was complicated and tough. We suffered to the end but the hand of God, it’s mine now,” stated Luis Suarez, refering to the infamous goal by Maradona back in the 80’s.

US & UK Tie 1-1 in World Cup Match

In one of the most anticipated games of this year’s World Cup, USA and England tied 1-1. The first goal for England came on the 4th minute. The US goal came in the 40th minute and it was due to a simple mistake by the Birtish golie Rob Green, who seemed to have a handle on a shot from Clint Dampsey from outside the box. However, the ball sliped his hand in a very embarrassing fashion and entered the goal. This sure is going to be one of Rob Green’s worst moments of his life and one that he will not forget.
US and England both still have a chance to proceed to the next round.