Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance.

Many of today’s most popular celebrities are interested in learning about how to live a more abundant life. Though their jobs are often stressful, many of them want to leave it all behind and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Below are just a few ways that celebrities are now creating more abundant lives.

Believe in something

What do you believe in? It’s important to believe in the right things. Do you believe in yourself? Do you have family and friends who believe in you? The universe is full of possibilities. There are opportunities everywhere. You are incredible and talented. You have what it takes. You have a bright future ahead of you. It’s easier to believe positive things than negative.


We change as we grow. We are supposed to grow and evolve. You can’t stay the same way you were when you were ten years old or twenty. As you grow, learn new things. Gain new strengths and skills. With each new talent that you develop, you become worth more.

Enjoy the moments

Whether you reach stardom or not, make up your mind to enjoy each moment as if it’s the last. Don’t put off finding happiness. Don’t make the mistake of telling yourself that you’ll be happy once you achieve a certain level of success. Be happy today! Don’t put it off. What if tomorrow never comes?

Be grateful

Look for large and small things to be thankful for. You have an amazing life already, even if you never reach the success that you’ve dreamed of.

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