The Voice Vs. American Idol

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If you watch much television at all, you’ve most likely heard of the two very popular programs American Idol and The Voice.Both programs feature aspiring new musical artists competing for a chance to become the next big singing sensation. While American Idol has been in production for several years and has brought us such talent as Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, and Clay Aiken, The Voice is clearly taking America, and perhaps American Idol, by storm.

Unlike American Idol, The Voice adds a new element to the mix by having each artist audition while the four star judges have their backs turned to them. This way, the judging is done strictly based upon “the voice”, much as the name of the show suggests.This factor eliminates any bias in judgment that could possibly be made based upon a contestant’s appearance. The Voice features judges from all walks of the music industry. Adam Levine from Maroon 5, diva Christina Agulera, country crooner Blake Shelton, and the soulful and always colorful CeeLo Green have served as judges on The Voice for the first season, and the current second season which recently began.

After the team members are selected by each judge on The Voice, they team’s coach will actually two of his/her own team members to compete amongst each other, with the team’s coach choosing the ultimate winner. By process of elimination, each team’s coach is then forced to choose only the best members of their own team after these “battle rounds” are concluded. Later in the season, each of the remaining performers will then be allowed to perform live and then have the public call in to vote on their favorite performance of the evening. Last year’s competition was intense, and the new season is getting off to a promising start as well.

As far as The Voice vs. American Idol,either show can provide you with an entertaining panel of judges and some great singing talent.

X Factor US announces $5 Million Award

X Factor US
has announced the largest award ever for a TV show. Simon Cowell the producer of X Factor announced they will be giving the winner of the X Factor a $5 million recording contract. Previously the largest TV awards were for Survivor and America’s Got Talent at $1 million each.  American Idol does not offer a set dollar award, but provide the winner with a recording contract. While a few like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson have been very successful and may have made more than $5 million in their careers, most winners in American Idol have made average of $1 million in the year following their wins.

“We want someone that will be a global super star.” Said Simon Cowell. “If you win this competition I am gonna put my money where my mouth is.”

Music biz strikes a chord with TV placement

Television seems to be taking the center spot and is responsible for even driving music sales and exposure for artists. Over the years, labels and publishers avoided TV pacts, but with everyone in the industry looking for new ways of making profits, topped off with radio making its way to a slow death and music videos on MTV and VH1 being more or less rare – TV has now become a fairly important source for labels’ marketing departments.

A good example is when Mamie Coleman, VP of music and production for Fox Broadcasting spread the word to music labels and publishers of the need for a new upbeat tune for its January promotional campaign for American Idol and 24. The overwhelming response is evidence of the big impact of TV on the music production industry.

The profits can be huge. Veterans of American Idol have currently sold close to 40 million records, and have under their belt 60 number one hits and 14 platinum albums – all these are just for one TV show.

However, not all situations are win-win. Music deal-making is extremely complicated, with all parties tussling over the use of music, be it in snippets versus the entire tune, the most crucial of which are those deals that involve the internet and home video rights.

Major labels have so far shunned digital distribution, but now, with the shift in power, some major players have managed to get into the game with very low upfront costs and without the need to make use of manufacturing or distribution infrastructures.

Coleman says, “We have so much direct contact with the labels and publishers now. We are always getting people telling us they have the perfect song for ‘House’ or a great song for ‘Idol’. A lot of labels have performances for us in their offices, and when we like what we hear, we sign a deal right then and there.”

George Michael rumored to be judge on X Factor US

It has been rumored that George Michael has signed on to be a judge on the US version of X Factor.  X Factor which is produced by Simon Cowell and is a competition to American Idol has been running in the UK for years. Simon Cowell quit American Idol last year so he can have more time to bring X Factor to the US. The show will be launching in September 2011 in the US.  The format will differ slightly from American Idol, in that the contestants can be anywhere from 12 to any age (vs. 15 to 28 in American Idol).  Also, vocal bands may compete in X Factor. The auditions will also be held in front of live audiences. The remaining judges have not been picked yet.

The return of American Idol

Today was the return of AI! “American Idol” is back! The 10th season of the hit show began the signup process today in Nashville. Crowds braved the near 90 degree heat and turned up 10,000 strong at the Bridgestone Arena. The signup process will continue till Saturday and the auditions will begin at a later date.This year is milestone for “Idol” in many ways. First of all it is the show’s 10th season and for any TV show to make it through 10 years is a big achievement indeed. Next, the show has dropped its minimum age limit to 15, so you can expect Justin Bieber lookalikes and tiny-teeny-boppers to swamp the show (or at least the auditions).

Last of all, the missing Cowell factor could be telling on the ratings of the show. Hated or loved, Simon Cowell was the backbone of “Idol”. His decision to leave the show, while prudent on his part, may be the worst thing that ever happened to the show. With ratings steadily sliding over the last few years, the exit of Cowell was the last thing “Idol” needed. For reasons unknown, his replacement is still not evident. Neither is news on the future of Randy Jackson; whether we will see the “Dawg” return for season 10 or not remains on how contract negotiations concluded.

Since FOX has kept mum on the subject, we could see a double replacement for the male judges in the coming days.”American Idol” is scheduled to make audition stops at – Milwaukee, New Orleans, East Rutherford, Austin, and San Francisco.

American Idol Finale, Simon Says Goodbye

Last night was the Finale for season 9 of American Idol and also Simon Cowell’s last night on the show. Simon is is leaving the show to start his US version of X-Factor which is a music contest show similar to American Idol with him being one of the judges. The show has been a hit in the UK for several years. It is not known who the judges will be on the version of X-Factor, but it was rumored that Simon was in talks with Victoria Beckham.  It is also has not been decided who would be replacing Simon next year at American Idol.

On the Finale, Lee Dewyze was crowned the winner and Crystal Bowersox took 2nd place. It was a surprise to many that Crystal did not win as on the night before, the judges seemed to favor Crystal as the winner. Ryan Seacrest announced that the winner won with a difference of 2% in the votes.

Several artists performed at the final, including Alice Cooper, Bee Gees, Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morrissette, Hall & Oats, Joe Cocker, Brett Michaels, Chicago, Janet Jackson, Kris Allen and Carrie Underwood. In addition, several group performances included past American Idol winners and top 10 finalists.

Paula Abdul also was present at the show and came on stage to speak about Simon’s departure.

American Idol – Still the Biggest Money Maker

Over the years the ratings have been steadily dropping for “American Idol” and the juggernaut is not what it used to be. But it still packs a solid punch when it comes to making money.

According to research by the Forbes Magazine, “American Idol” is the number one show when measured in ad revenue sales. For every half hour it broadcasts, the show makes $8.1 million purely out of ad sales. The research does not try to discover “which is the most profitable show?”, but rather which show has the most power in dictating ad prices.

The research broke the time slots into 30 minute segments so that sitcoms, dramas and reality shows could be compared with each other on an equal basis. It also disregarded all sports shows in its survey. The difference between the number one and two spots was a whopping $5 million. Sitting at number two was troubled actor Charlie Sheen’s “Two and a Half Men”. The sitcom is the only one from its genre to even make it to the top ten.

Taking the third spot with $3 million was “24” the drama series from Fox. The show is in its final season, which probably accounts for the large ad revenue. The fourth spot is tied between an alien sci-fi and medical drama. ABC’s “V” and “Grey’s Anatomy” rake in $2.8 million each. The ad revenue ratings could play a great part in the future of certain shows. “V” is close to its season finale and so far no confirmation has been made of a second season.

Taio Cruz Breaks the Record

It stood for seven long years before Taio Cruz broke the record for the biggest jump to the number one slot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The British newcomer floated 52 places to the top with his collaboration with Ludacris titled “Break your heart” and is a record for the biggest jump by an act with their first chart single. Previously, the record was helped by the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, for her victory song “A moment like this” back in 2002 when it jumped 52 places.

Cruz knocked the Black Eyed Peas from the top slot after which the BEP single “Imma be” dropped down to the fifth slot after two weeks at the top. The act most disappointed by this turn of affairs would be country trio Lady Antebellum, who rose to the number two spot with “Need you now” by dislodging Young Money’s “Bedrock”, who in turn slipped to third. If not for Cruz they would be reigning in the top spot. But all is not lost; Lady Antebellum just might hit number one next week if the predicted drop in sales for Cruz does come about.

Waiting in the wings is also Rihanna’s “Rude boy”, currently in the number four slot. Rihanna’s track has been gathering momentum and could spoil the party for Cruz and Lady Antebellum. Ke$ha dropped two places to number six with “Tik tok” and Train dropped one slot to end at number seven with “Hey Soul Sister”. By climbing two places Jason Derulo claimed the number eight slot with “In my head” and the exhibitionist, Lady Gaga fell down to the ninth spot on the charts with “Bad romance”.