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Have you noticed wedged square panels on the walls in your favorite YouTuber or streamer’s videos? If you’ve worked in the music industry, you might recognize these fixtures as acoustic foam panels. Many recording studios use these panels to improve the quality of music recordings since they absorb stray echoes and reverberations for a clearer sound. In our previous blog, we explained that acoustic foam’s open cell structure makes it harder for sound waves to reflect off its surface. Furthermore, acoustic foam takes the energy from sound waves and dissipates it as heat, eliminating excess noise from a room.

This makes acoustic foam ideal for independent musicians with home recording studios, and these principles also make it a good investment for aspiring content creators trying to gain an Internet audience. Many amateur content creators’ videos have suffered from a lack of quality because they film in noisy rooms using rudimentary equipment. If you want to take your videos to the next level, you should make sure your voice is clearly heard. Many content creators don’t realize their sound quality is being affected by indirect sound bouncing off their walls and into their microphones. Acoustic foam will help your videos and streaming sessions sound better and more professional.

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