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kaki-west-0959bAs a follower of my blog, you might already know that I love Tea Tree Oil. I use it as my miracle pimple cure, but there are many other reasons to purchase and keep this product in your medicine cabinet. Here are two unique reasons to buy tea tree oil.

Get rid of toenail fungus. Do you suffer from toenail fungus? Then you know that this problem is hard to treat. But the good news is that tea tree oil has been shown to get rid of this nasty problem. Simply dilute the oil with water to avoid irritating your skin, and use it daily for at least three months.

Calm cold sores. Cold sores can be embarrassing and even painful. To reduce the appearance of them, consider applying tea tree oil to the area up to four times a day. Make sure you don’t accidently drink tea tree oil or get it in your mouth because it’s toxic.

There are many other reasons to use tea tree oil that might apply to your skin or a particular skin problem you’re facing today. Visit my blog for more beauty secrets or to see the latest Kaki West images.

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