Guest Post by Adrian Jilikian of Signal Television

As the internet has evolved has come the evolution of just what can be created with it. With the faster speeds and more accessibility to that faster speed has come the ability to watch television over the internet. All of the major internet companies are jumping into internet television industry and with this has ensued a huge battle between them.

The big battle has been between Fox and Cablevision as Fox has demanded some kind of compensation for their ability to be able to show their programs. Google has also gotten into the battle as networks have put a block on their ability to show their programs through Google TV. It is all become fodder for the big broadcasting networks as more and more of them are starting to have agreements with web based sites in order to be able to broadcast their programming online.

In a recent edition of the Washington Post, Marvin Ammori, a professor of law at the University of Nebraska said that ‘the future of television will hang in the balance in the next year.’ He went on to say that internet television is going to be like iTunes where consumers will be able to pick the songs that they want to hear. Internet television companies are going to be able to have the ability to allow users to have unfilitered and unblocked access to content. Ammori went on to say that the FCC is going to have to come up with ‘net neutrality’ and rules to prevent companies from blocking access to shows.

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