Music Appreciation Online Class

This is a guest post from Daniel Horne

I had to take more elective classes for school one semester and there were a variety of online classes to choose. Since I have never taken an online class before and it was only an elective, I was willing to give it a shot. I signed up for Music Appreciation. I have always had an appreciation for music, what I heard on the radio anyways, and figured this class would be an easy A and help boost my grade point average. Boy was I wrong. The whole class started out bad. I could not get to the website I needed. After I found that, I couldn’t watch any of the videos that the instructor had posted. They would just stop in the middle and never start back up again. I called my instructor who informed me that it was most likely my internet connection. I told him that it shouldn’t be a problem because I had cable internet and he suggested that I give hughs net a try. That afternoon I called hughes in SC and the next day had satellite internet installed in my apartment. Since then I have always been able to watch the course required movies. I have had no trouble uploading and downloading files and while I wasn’t right about this class being an easy A, it is easier now that I can access the material properly.

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