In the Transformers sequel ‘The Revenge of the Fallen’ Decepticon forces return to Earth with a mission: take Sam Witwicky prisoner. Why? because he learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers. This sequel introduces many new Autobots, and one of them is Jetfire. A few interesting facts about Jetfire:

– His Japanese name is Sky Fire.
– Jetfire’s alternate mode is a SR-71 blackbird
– Speed – 200mph, record altitude flight – 85068 ft
– A poll held before the casting of the movie placed Jetfire in 4th place.
– Jetfire is voiced by John Turturro. He also appeared in the Transformers as Reggie Simmons. Turturro is a well known actor, writer, and director.
– Jetfire was a former Decepticon. He decides to change to an Autobot due to his age.
– He has a special ability, which is his ability to join with Optimus Prime.
– Jetfire can be identified by his cane beard and creaking voice.
– Originally serving the Fallen, Jetfire is one of the few Transformers to remain on Earth since the dawn of mankind.

The sequel portrays Jetfire as an old Decepticon, sickened by the ambitions of his counterparts, which moves him to leave the Cybertron and hide. He has a desire to remain anonymous and yearns for peace and quiet, until he is awakened by Sam. When he is awoken he is unwilling to fight, but is convinced to fight not for the Decepticons by the Autobots.

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