I remember so many good times that I had with my friends growing up when I was listening to Blink-182. They were by far one of my favorite bands over the years. I was, of course, devastated when they broke up but I knew that I had the old stuff to listen to. So I’m pretty exciting about all this new music that Blink-182 is getting ready to release!

I’ve been blogging quite a bit about it on my music blog and while I was reading up on it a little bit more a few nights ago, I ran across the website DOMAINNAMES.com. I had been thinking about moving my blog onto my own website, so I looked through the site and decided to buy a domain for my brand new blog.

I really can’t wait for this new Blink 182 album to come out so I can review it. I think I might do a big week-long special leading up to the big review. Needless to say, I’m really excited for the new Blink-182 material

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