Special thanks to Aaron Parker for the guest post

Cooking is such great fun. Sometimes it’s fun to have friends over and just have a cooking party. Everybody bring a dish and all of you put it together. It’s nice to see what kind of meal you can come up with especially when you have no clue what the other person is going to bring.

I like to watch cooking shows. I love to learn new ways to cook my food and try new stuff. It’s nice to know you have a wide variety of cooking shows to choose from on Satellite TV. There are hundreds of channels to choose from as well as hundreds of people.

One of my all time favorites is Chef Ramsey. I not only love to hear this man talk, or yell, but I love to watch him tell the want to be chefs how to make something. His way of cooking is so much different from mine but the show is still a lot of fun to watch.

I have a lot of cook books but it’s still interesting to watch the cooking shows live on TV. You can actually see what is going on and if you like, make the dish right along with the chefs. There is really no better way to learn how to cook than watching it live on TV, or you can use a satellite tv dvr to record it so you can cook along with the chef and pause whenever necessary. Simple, easy, and fun.

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