Recently Lady Gaga appeared in the MTV Video Musci Awards dresses in meat. She atcually changed her dress several times during the show. On her last outfit change, while accepting an award, it was not so obvious that her dress was made out of meat, until she announced “I cannot believe that I would ever asj Cher to hold my meat purse.”

Lady Gaga has been known to wear strange clothing, sometimes trendy and cool, but most of the time wierd. However, this has to be the most bizarre dress she has ever worn.

Later she announced that she was trying to make a point that she was not just a “piece of meat!”

Last month she had appeared on cover of Vogue magazine in a meat bikini were she raised some controversy. However, this time she has  taken it one step further.

See the dress in the picture here and decide for yourself, if it is fashion or just bizarre.

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