Movie ticket sales in the United States are dwindling for many years. The number of movie goers dropped from 1.5 billion ten years ago to 1.3 billion in 2013. Availability of titles online and bigger and better TVs are in the market, ticket sales may continue its slippery slope. However, movie theaters are counting on blockbuster releases in 2015. In the pipeline include super heroes such ad James Bond, Luke Skywalker and Tony Stark. Star Wars, Avengers film series from Marvel, Paranormal Activity and Mission Impossible from Viacom’s Paramount Pictures are also scheduled for release during the next year along with the finale for The Hunger Games from Loins Gate Entertainment. Twentieth Century Fox is also scheduled to release its Taken 3 and The Fantastic Four.


Summer time is the most important period for movie ticket sales. However, 2014 summer has seen almost 20 percent drop in ticket sales. Who is to blame for the lost sales? Netflix streaming services has seen growth during the same period. A-list movie stars are doing more and more television productions. To attract more viewers into theaters, theater owners are now planning to add laser projections which will improve the quality of film screen images.

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