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Truebies fret not for True Blood is back for its 4th season! True Blood is an American television drama series broadcasted by the cable network HBO. It is an adaptation of the series of novels written by Charlaine Harris.  It tells a love story between a telepathic waitress and a vampire. It is set in the fictional town of Bon Temps in the state of Louisiana, USA.

 Meet The Principal Characters:

 Sookie Stackhouse, the main character in the series is played by actress, Anna Paquin. She has a gift for telepathy and she works in Merlotte’s Bar as a waitress. She falls in love with a vampire named Bill Compton.

 Bill Compton, the vampire is played by actor Stephen Moyer. He falls in love with Sookie and they start a relationship. He tries to hold on to his humanity by holding on to his memories as a human. He was turned into a vampire during the American Civil War.

 Sam Merlotte, the bar owner is played by actor Sam Trammel. Sam is a shape-shifter. His adoptive family abandons him after he first changed into a beagle but then his dying adoptive father tells him of his origins, although his adoptive mother advises him not to find his birth parents because she said they were bad people.

 Jason Stackhouse is Sookie’s brother, played by actor Ryan Kwanten.  He is somewhat self absorbed and has been known to be dim-witted. He supervises a road crew during the day.

 Tara Thornton is played by actress Rutina Wesley. Tara is Sookie’s bestfriend.

 Lafayette Reynolds is played by actor, Nelsan Ellis. He is a gay prostitute, a drug dealer and a member of Jason’s road crew. He is cousins with Tara. In the novel, he was killed, however because of the character’s popularity; in the series he was saved.

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