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North Hollywood is a great city in Los Angeles, offering the cultural NoHo arts district and plenty of fine restaurants, shops, and businesses. It’s also a great location to throw a party, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or anniversary. Why is it a great place for parties? Location, location, location. North Hollywood is just minutes away from Downtown L.A., Burbank, Glendale, and Hollywood, making it a convenient middle ground for people who live in surrounding cities.

Are you planning a large party in the city? Chances are you will be in need of a great venue. If you’re searching for a large banquet hall in North Hollywood, there are plenty to choose from. Here’s a look at one of the largest and most popular North Hollywood banquet halls in the city called Le Foyer Ballroom, owned and operated by L.A. Banquets.

Le Foyer Ballroom

The Décor

Few ballrooms compare to Le Foyer in North Hollywood. Le Foyer Ballroom is a giant, beautiful, hall located right on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. From the moment guests walk into the hall they will be blown away by fancy décor and incredible architecture. Featuring a 5,500-square foot venue, this ballroom boasts giant chandeliers, sixteen arches and fancy European décor. It also boasts a spacious outdoor patio and a foyer with a waterfall and pond. We recommend this place for upscale parties and events.

The Amenities and Services

If you’re throwing a large party, this ballroom can accommodate your needs. It can host up to 550 guests, which means hundreds of people can arrive ready to eat, dance, and listen to music.

The ballroom provides classy tables and chairs, making it possible for you to choose family-style dining or restaurant-style dining. Of course, you can also choose to have food stations or a buffet. Event planning in Los Angeles is made easy at Le Foyer Ballroom. The ballroom provides on-site catering, video services, specialty lighting, live music, a DJ, and a sound system. This means that you don’t have to hire additional services outside of the venue, but can purchase low-cost package deals.

Customize the Venue

While Le Foyer Ballroom has a number of onsite amenities and services, it doesn’t mean you can’t customize the hall to match the style, tone, and theme of your special event. In fact, the venue offers custom décor options, which means you can bring in your own florist, catering company, photographer, and entertainment.
L.A. Banquets owns and operates a variety of wedding venues in Los Angeles, including large banquet halls in North Hollywood.

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