Article written by Backstage Lounge

While the euphemism ‘exotic dancer’ is doing the rounds, there are still places where the word ‘stripper’ is used unashamedly. For one thing, it’s not easy to become a professional stripper. It takes years and years of practice while using various stripper poles for practice while also following a fitness routine that will give that body that men and women alike crave for.

If you separate a stripper from her pole, the seduction, magic and sensuality that surrounds a woman gradually undressing is completely lost into a dull ‘take your clothes off’ routine. Now there are different types of stripper poles that are used, most notably the portable stripper pole, which can be used and moved to different locations once the ‘show’ is over.

Since most strippers need one to practice with before they hit center stage in full flow showing their wares to an awe-struck audience, the options to either purchase or rent one for themselves is available from a variety of removable stripper poles to get this lucrative career started. From spinning poles to glow poles to chrome and dancer poles, one can use them for their fitness routine and for practice before they go out looking for gigs.

Several companies offer these products at nominal rates with the additional service of delivering it to a place of your choice as well, whether it is a nightclub or a private party. All in all, the quality of which will enthrall the audience to which the exotic dancer performs in front of.

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