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So, who’s the latest person to be invited by ABC to join “Dancing with the Stars”?

As unlikely as it seems, the answer to this question lies in the words “Sarah Palin connection”, and the person in question is the Delaware Tea Party politician also known as Christine O’ Donnell.

Blame it on her unsuccessful run for a Senate seat last (while being endorsed by Sarah Palin herself) or having two left feet, the politician isn’t too sure whether or not she should participate in the show or not.

In asking her “friends” on Facebook, she received several comments but did not lead to any concrete decision on her part despite the fact that she was flattered about the invitation made to her. However, what she was sure about was the release of her book while continuing to remain undecided about her participation on “Dancing with the Stars”.

With the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” premiering on March 21, the cast members will be finalized and announced during the broadcast of “The Bachelor” on Monday night.

However, Christine O’ Donnell has been in news for a while now but not necessarily for the most pleasant reasons as she lost to Democrat candidate Chris Coons for one of the U.S Delaware Senate seat as well while also being caught on film, released by Bill Maher, admitting to dabbling in witchcraft while also dating a witch as well.

X Factor US announces $5 Million Award

X Factor US
has announced the largest award ever for a TV show. Simon Cowell the producer of X Factor announced they will be giving the winner of the X Factor a $5 million recording contract. Previously the largest TV awards were for Survivor and America’s Got Talent at $1 million each.  American Idol does not offer a set dollar award, but provide the winner with a recording contract. While a few like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson have been very successful and may have made more than $5 million in their careers, most winners in American Idol have made average of $1 million in the year following their wins.

“We want someone that will be a global super star.” Said Simon Cowell. “If you win this competition I am gonna put my money where my mouth is.”